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O meu coracão sofredor / Be glad in the Lord and Rejoice

Letra: Mary Elizabeth  Servoss (1849-1906).

Vivendo com sua avó paralítica durante 18 anos, Mary tomou conta dela. Mais tarde cuidou de sua mãe e de seu pai até a morte dele. 

Diz-se que Fanny Crosby inspirou-se em Mary para produzir seus hinos.

O compositor da bela música deste hino: JAMES MCGRANAHAN


A única cópia do hino que encontrei no YouTube.com:



Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice,
All ye that are upright in heart,
And ye that have made Him your choice,
Bid sadness and sorrow depart.
Rejoice! rejoice!
Rejoice in the Lord and rejoice,
Rejoice! rejoice!
Rejoice in the Lord and rejoice.
Be joyful, for He is the Lord, /On earth and in heaven supreme;/He fashions and rules by His word;
/The ''Mighty'' and ''Strong'' to redeem.
What though in the conflict for right/ Your enemies almost prevail! /God's armies, just hid from your sight,/ Are more than the foes which assail.
Though darkness surround you by day,/Your sky by the night be o'er cast /Let nothing your spirit dismay, /But trust till the danger is past.
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,/His praises proclaiming in song;/With harp, and with organ, and voice,The loud Hallelujahs prolong!

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